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Posted by Steve Miller on Jul 28, 2005

I am not sure about the laws in your state but in Oregon there are very specific laws about this. Accidents with damage MUST be reported to the local police. You can also call your state Marine Board or agency. To use a jet ski in Oregon you must have an operators card - the Boaters Education Card - with a rather extensive test required. Including a long section on PWC safety. There are even no wake rules when you get so close to other boats. Here is the info:

"Youth 12-15 also need a boater education card when operating boats 0-10 hp alone. When operating over 10 hp, a card-holding adult (16 or older, 18 for personal watercraft) must be on-board to supervise."

So you can see that in Oregon, a 14 year old operating a PWC alone is illegal, even if the youth has the required card.

Do not let this drop. I know the local cops are very interested in dealing with water safety. I watched a guy hit his own kid several summers ago while he was doing donuts close to shore on his PWC. The sheriff came right out to the lake.

The kid needs to learn his lesson and having his parents pay for the damage is not enough. If the lake is not in a town or city then by all means call your local sheriffs office.

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