Report It

Posted by Howard on Jul 28, 2005

I am not sure about lakes...but if it was in coastal waters I would report the collision to the coast-guard and definitely the local authorities. I would want an official record of the incident. I would also consider contacting my insurance agent to see how it should be handled.

While I can understand wanting to treat this as a simple property incident, the person almost killed your daughter....suspension of license to operate a vehicle or a nice increase in insurance premiums for the next 4/5 years, to me, would seem an appropriate reminder to the jet ski driver and the driver's parents that operating a watercraft is a serious business.

I would definitely ask for the price of the kit plus the value of the labor at some appropriate rate. I think 2500 is on the low side. as somebody suggested...the value of a high-quality fibreglass replacements ~ 3500 may be a good place to start.

thank g-d your daughter is must have been a terrifying experience.

In Response to: Jetski/Kayak accident by Joe Oliver on Jul 28, 2005



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