Test paddle with the MC16

Posted by KirkE on Jul 28, 2005

I loaded the new MC16 with camping gear and bug repellant and my son, and headed to Janes Island for a kayak/camp trip.

We had some head winds going on the first day, and that made me want to get my sail kit done sooner. But, no. I thought that the winds would be useful to keep the flies away. It helped a little on the beach, but the camp was back in the trees where the wind wasn't.

Flies weren't too pretty bad - not as bad as people told me. The heat was awful, though. Wanted to enjoy the full moon, but the bugs decended quickly for a midnight snack. No swimming because of the sea nettles.

On the way back, of course, the wind changed direction and again, we or I paddled into a head wind. Sort of like the story about walking to school barefoot in the snow, uphill both ways across the frozen lake.

In all we had a good time. Crabbed some - no keepers.

The boat handled well. The room for the gear we stuffed into the forward and aft hatches was a bit small. I definitely overpacked. I planned for the weather to be a bit cooler than it was. We took a light weight three season shelter (a bit overkill), two light weight sleeping pads, two overkill bags (I didn't opt for the 25 degree bag - if that happens we have other trouble), way too much water, a cooler (ice was a great thing to have on that trip with the high temps), stove, fuel, cooking pot and teapot - all of which we never used. The usual backpacking gear. And some dry towels and extra cool weather gear incase the weather turned cold in the evening. And the food and liquids. All of that does fill up the storage compartments rather quickly.





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