Kayak Repair

Posted by Pete Roszyk on Jul 28, 2005

Hi there, Joe,

That was a very lucky bit of business for your girl, and I'm also glad she was not hurt.

About the boat, though, my strip-built pickup truck canopy was severely damaged when we were rear-ended on the freeway. A few days later the other guy's adjuster stopped by to look at the damage to the truck.

The canopy damage was treated separately from the truck damage, because it was my own work, and because I could repair it. And it was not part of the truck.

Turns out, he had seen a few wooden sea kayaks before, so he knew sort of what kind of work he was looking at it. I guess that was the big surprise to me of the whole thing, that he did, as it seems much more common that a non-kayaker wouldn't. Then again, it is his profession.

Having already had a few days to look at it, I had a guesstimate of the time involved. I think I came up with 40 hours. I multiplied that times my fair and reasonable hourly rate and threw that number at him. I think I was too low, though, because he didn't even blink before saying, "Okay."

I got the check in due course.

So don't be shy about this part of any claim; all they can do is reject that and offer less. But then we here might be able to back you up.

I wouldn't expect punitive damages to the property loss part of all this.

Good luck,

Pete Roszyk, in Snohomish

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