Re: Epoxy underside of de

Posted by Dave Houser on Jul 28, 2005

On first kayak, a Yare, I put one seal coat on the underside of the deck. A stain appeated on the deck after 6 months of use and it kept growing in size. I traced it to a cracl in the surface ply that was there before sealing. I dried it ouyt with a heating pad and then sealed the crack. Ever since I put on three coats. the first alsays has a few bubble that show during setting. so I scrape and add a secaond coat. That I am sure is a good seal but it is lighter and looks better to then sand the majority of it off and add the third seal coat. It is extra work and cost but it does seal the wood. I It does make the plywood harder to bend but I still have managed on a Ches 17 and a Point Bennett.

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