Jetski/Kayak accident

Posted by Joe Oliver on Jul 28, 2005

Last night my daughter was crossing Lake Winola in our LT-17 CLC Kayak and a Jetski with a 14 yr old driver drove right over the cockpit. Fortunately nobody was hurt but it could have been very serious. She is just 14 but she dove into the water as the jetski went over her head. The jetski driver just passed his safety test that morning and said the sun was in his eyes.

The boat is pretty bad. The hull and sides are fine but the deck, cockpit coming, cross supports are smashed. It's hard to put an insurance value on this. Should I just have them buy me a new kit?, is there a good guestimate at what the labor cost is on top? Should I try to take off the deck and start building from the middle? or just go blow a hole in his jetski and call it even.

If I do replace the deck I'd like to buy a higher quality plywood like african ribbon mahagony, any experience with this?

Thanks in advance for your comments.



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