Re: structural problem?

Posted by CLC on Jul 27, 2005

>>>>>>>>>When I epoxied the bottom panels for the 17 lt they did not cover all the scarf, a lttle less than a 1/2" is showing. Will this cause a structural problem?


I'm having trouble visualizing what you're describing, so I can't give a specific answer. Broadly speaking, the scarfs are very forgiving and allow big margins of error. If you can safely move the panels around without hearing ominous cracking noises, the panels are fine and will be a lot more so once they are fiberglassed on both sides in the process of assembling the 17LT.

>>>>>> Also, after removing the packing tape there is some residual. Should I remove it? Is nail polish removal ok? Something else suggested?


Nail polish is acetone and that works, though lacquer thinner is better and denatured alcohol is the least dangerous of the three.

A sander will take care of a little residue, too.

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