Epoxy underside of deck

Posted by paul on Jul 27, 2005

I'm in sand mode, and having some time on my hands to just think as my hands keep moving round and round, back n forth (sand off, sand off, grasshoppa) it occurs to me that I've applied at least two coats of epoxy on all surfaces, as has been directed by the great book on a number of occasions, except for the underside of the deck. Here we've coated it once just before strapping it down and driving the nails home. After that it gets enclosed, not seeing the light of day again until we cut the hatches open, or forgotten about until we crawl back into the cockpit to install the foot braces.

Is it necessary/a good idea to get a second or more coats on it? or is it unccessary since its usually on the up side without water sitting on it nor gear/feet rubbing on it?



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