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Posted by Peter on Jul 27, 2005

Hi Ed,

If you do a google search for teh Whitney preserve you should be able to get some good reading and info on little tupper.

We camped at site #3 which is an island and was real nice. Across the bay on the west shore there's a nice inlet to explore. Not all the sites have open air toilets but this one does.

#6, #19 along w/ numerouse other sites are good also. Eagle point doesn't have a toilet.

Try going to rock pond at the south end of the lake. There is a beaver dam (about 2' high ) that needs to be traversed right at the end. We stopped there and turned around because the weather was threatening.

Also, the wind picks up during the day and can make for some choppy going.

They have maps and info where you park and launch.

We're planning on doing part of the Bog river flow next.

Hope this helps,


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