Duct tape saves the day

Posted by Peter on Jul 26, 2005

Hi all,

My wife and I did some camping last Thurs - Sunday on Little Tupper lake in the Adirondacks. On arriving at our campsite (which was a little island #3) I slipped getting out of my kayak and broke my paddle right in half. Thought I would have to paddle back out the next day and go shop for a new paddle. Luckily before we had left I had just read in Hutchison's book about duct tape being great for repairs. I brought along a whole roll. Anyway, using a couple of spare metal tent stakes as splints I was able to Tape the paddle back together and it amazing held for the duration of the trip. This is the second time my boat has been on the water and our first experience in paddleing in water with white caps. Not knowing what to expect we were a bit apprehensive. Turned out our 16 Lt's handled the waves remarkedly well. So the moral of the story is" Don't leave home without duct tape and be prepared"





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