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Posted by Tony Calvert on Jul 26, 2005

Hi Karl,

It's built exactly to Cunninghams instructions, the only thing I did a little differently is pinch the ends quite a lot. This make for a wet ride as the thin bow tends to cut through waves rather than ride over them. I've surfed in it quite a bit and it doesn't bury the bow any worse than other kayaks I've tried.

Suggestions; Makes sure you have the chine stringers at least 15.5-16" apart, mine are 14" and the initial stability isn't the best. And go at least an inch lower on the masik than you think you can get away with, I didn't think I would get my legs under mine but I now use a 40mm foam pad over my knees to stop me from moving around.

If you have any questions, email me on the above address and I'll try to help.

Another good place for advice is the QajaqUSA forum (

Look forward to seeing some pics :)

Cheers Tony

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