Deck Bungies on a MC16

Posted by Kirke on Jul 26, 2005

How to rig the deck for a MC16?

I was thinking to put an X shape in the front, and then run the bungies around the coaming and one single line between the coaming and the rear hatch? Enough to stow the paddles on deck so that the cockpit is clear for crabbing, fishing, etc.

Additionally, I was thinking to add some type of mesh pocket under the deck to store various things: water bottles, snacks, camera, bait, maps, spyglass, anchor, sail rigging, etc.

Should I attach the mesh with hooks or use the screws w/dress washers on webbing? The hooks would make the mesh removable, where as the webbing is semi-permanent.

Has anyone done something similiar with the mesh pockets?



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