Re: curing/paint question

Posted by Walt on Jul 25, 2005

I think there was a post about curing epoxy before paint a few weeks back. If I remember correctly you should wait a week for the epoxy to cure before paint is applied. Paint takes 3-4 days to dry enough so you donít pull it from the hull when transporting the kayak & about a month to harden thoroughly, so if you are trying to hit a deadline, finish you hull, rig the deck, seatÖ & go paddling. Paint & varnish in the fall & let everything cure over the winter. The short term UV exposure to you epoxy won't harm it, a day or two in the sun will be fine, a month of continued exposure would be NOT GOOD. In regards to the rub strip issue why not make a fender that can be hung from you kayak when needed. I would think that a few layers of vinyl sewn together and some cord to hang it around the coming or hook to the deck bungles would work when visiting the cement dock. When you paddle off just roll up the vinyl and put it under your bungies, if you donít need the extra protection keep it in the storage compartment. Good Luck Walt

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