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Posted by J.Schott on Jul 25, 2005

Go paddle and worry about paint in the fall for two reasons. The epoxy will shrink over the next couple of weeks. If you sand and paint now, the weave of the cloth will start to show in the finish, especially if a dark color is used. The same will occur with varnish, it's less noticable. I have experienced this problem first hand with dark blue paint, It drove me crazy! Second, It is much easier to achive a professional looking finish when the temps are lower. The longer paint or varnish stays in a "liquid" state, the longer it has to level out. It is much easier to keep that wet edge when the temp is lower. Go out and enjoy your hard work, a few weeks of sun exposure is not going to hurt at all. I still have not finish sanded the hull on my last boat, finished it last month. Had to put a couple of coats of varnish on the deck to protect the color of my onlays. If they were not changing colors so rapidly, the deck would still be raw epoxy also. I think that you may be our female counterpart to Kurt, you are flying on your project! Keep up the great work-Joey

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