elemetary epoxy questions

Posted by dennis on Jul 21, 2005

It sure took some time to align and stitch up my very first kayak. So I just want to be sure what to expect before putting epoxy onto the hull.

I have the MAS resin #716 and MAS slow hardener #2072. I used pieces scrap wood to try out the epoxy; I followed the 2:1 mixing ratio for the epoxy: 1. Thickened epoxy with wood flour: it took more than 30 hours for it to harden. Still I feel like the material would yield a bit when I pushed it with a finger nail. 2. Un-thickened epoxy with a piece of fiberglass cloth. It became pretty hard after 24 hrs. I put on the second coat, and it looks smooth.

3. For curiosity I left about 4mm of un-thickened epoxy in a paper cup and it has been like 20 hrs now but the "residue" is still very pliable.

My question: is this normal? For item 1., should I expect rock-hard? Could this be because of the wood flour? How long should does it take for this to "cure"?

Item 2., when can I sand it?

Item 3., should it be rock-hard like a hockey puck.

I live in Houston, so low temp is not a problem this time of the year.

Thanks. Dennis



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