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Posted by Walt on Jul 18, 2005

Tim I just finished painting the Brightside Interlux on 2 kayaks in the past 7 days. I used the 4" Shur-line white foam rollers from HD. The rollers gave me the best results that I have had to date with Interlux paints . I put the paint on in the following sequence.

1.Roll the paint onto the kayak down the length of the hull.

2. Next run over the paint perpendicular to the length working from the keel to the sheer, this will helps even out the layer of paint. 3. Then roll down the length of the kayak again, this should knocked down all of the bubbles in the paint Work in a 24 to 30 inch area, overlapping the patches by a few inches. I worked from the keel to the sheer line down the length of the hull then back down the opposite side. I used a sandwich size food storage container with a lid for a tray to apply the paint and stored the roller in it between coats The roller stayed soft in the container between coats when I did the coats every 8 to 9 hours.

OH the weather here was 85 to 90 at about 80 percent humidity I have 2 very small areas of blush on one of the kayaks. The other kayak is perfect but I did hold off until about 10 PM to put on the final coat.

Good Luck

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