Re: Suitable workbench

Posted by Howard on Jul 13, 2005

i took 3/4 inch thich 4' X 8' foot plywood and cut it in half to make 2 X 8 foot sections. i then got a 2 X 2 foot scrap piece.

with some dry wall screws, four wooden sawhorses, and a couple scrap pieces...i could put the whole thing together to get a 2 X 18 foot table.

as mike did above, when i got through the main panel building stages, disassemble and stack against the wall.

one advantage of a long wooden bench set-up is that it is easy to use a couple extra screws and kite string to set up baselines and to hold pieces in place to ensure they do not slip or slide out of position. its also much easier on your back if you can get your work up a bit so you do not have to constantly bend over.

its also easier to keep clean.


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