Re: Eatport Pram Help!

Posted by Wilke Nelson on Jul 4, 2005

Thanks for the help and the picture. I didn't have the mainsheet cleated. I ran it through a block on an improvised traveler and put a knot in the end of the line to keep it from coming out of the block. I was closhauled on a tack when the mast step spintered. I like your idea of the step being large enough, and beveled to rest against both sides. The kit came with blocks of wood that were beveled to run with the angle of the bottom of the boat, and then it was screwed and epoxied into place. The footing of the step remained. The "risers" not sure of the term, splintered.

I'd be curious to hear what CLC has to stay...if this is the first time they have heard of this happening w/ the pram, and ways -- perhaps the one you suggest above, the step could be strengthened. It is a stable enough boat to sail, and I had previously, in similar strength winds. Today it decided to give out.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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