Re: Eatport Pram Help!

Posted by Steve Miller on Jul 4, 2005

Was the mainsheet free to run or was it cleated down somehow? I can't imagine any sailboat loosing a mast step in winds not strong enough to capsize the boat. Normally gusts cause me to ease the sheet or turn into the wind to relieve the pressure on the rig. All that said, it sounds like a partial glue joint failure to me since part of the step is still attached right? Once the bottom end failed the mast got to act a big lever on the seat/mast hole.

I'd rebuild the step per plans making sure that you have pre-coated both sides of the glued area. Then thicken with wood flour and place the piece. I used glass tape re-inforce the mast step in my sailboat - not a EP pram.

Here is a shot of the mast step in my boat. The plywood is 3/8 and is beveled to sit against the hull (above the bottom) and against the bulkhead. After I glued it in I used glass tape to re-inforce the joints. Its very strong. I bet you could do some thing similar in your boat.

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