Eatport Pram Help!

Posted by Wilke Nelson on Jul 4, 2005

I was sailing my Eastport pram on the first day of my vacation in Maine. Breeze was 10-15 knots and steady. A sudden gust came up and my maststep (I built the pram carefully from eastport the pram kit) splintered completely, leaving only a two pieces of wood on the bottom of the boat. The mast fell over and the force also broke the mast hole in the seat and the doubler. Two questions:

1. I am sure CLC built this to handle up to 15 knot breezes. The boat wasn't even close to capsize when it happened. What could I have done wrong? 2. How can I fix it and strengthen it so it doesn't happen again.

I want to fix it asap so I can sail on my vacation. I have access to tools, marine plywood and epoxy. What to do?

Any and all responses appreciated and desperately needed. Thanks in advance for your help.



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