Re: Paddle Length Questio

Posted by craig on Jul 1, 2005

Hey, wait a minute. Nobody even asked what he is going to do with the boat. Aww, who cares anyway. I think a paddle longer than 230 is just a better way to get tennis elbow. A shorter paddle allows you to get more shoulder into it and take some of the strain off your elbows. Too long of a paddle will only allow you to use your arms. go to a kayak shop by the water, find a boat similar to the mc 13 ask to paddle it and try 3-4 different paddle lengths. Or buy a good paddle (they are as important as the boat) with an adjustible collet and experiment. Yhe object is to get the entire blade into the water without getting the shaft wet. A wide grip is best and try not to bend your elbows too much. Good Luck and hurry up, cuz the summer is wasting away

In Response to: Paddle Length Question by Pierce Davidson on Jun 30, 2005



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