Re: Bulkhead fitting

Posted by George K on Jul 1, 2005

Sledge hammers are pretty efficient at making things fit. Another way is to push the bulkhead as far forward as it will go and use a pencil, laying on its side, to scribe a line around the bulkhead. The line will be closer to the edge at some places and farther away at others. This will give you an idea as to where to take off material and how much should be taken off. It's a matter of fit, trim, fit. Repeat. If the boat you're building is a CLC kit there shouldn't be that much trimming if you're putting it in the right place. A quarter inch on any of the sides would be a lot to have to trim. Remember it's a lot easier to take off wood than it is to put it back on so trim in steps. And if this doesn't work there's always the sledge hammer.

George K

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