who could you!?

Posted by LeeG on Jul 1, 2005

yer violating the tenets of years of charts correlating height of the paddler, width of the kayak, salinity of the water and relation of the dollar to the euro. The funny part is that none of the charts figure in shoulder height from the water or seat height as would a canoe paddle chart. The assumption that all kayaks, rec. racing and touring, have the same seat/water height isn't necessarily true. Unlike shoe size where you really can't put a size 9 shoe on a size 11 ft you really can paddle with a 200 or 240cm paddle in a range of boats so the specficity of a chart, albeit with a range, implies a correct and incorrect fit like shoe size without other variables like blade size. The problem with longer paddle recomendations is that most of the time it's oriented to a rec. paddler who isn't going to be putting out much hp. and without acknowledging blade size you could be putting a long paddle in a smaller persons hands pushing a big blade. The paddle length starts becoming a smaller part of the formula. Anywho a 220 is a good one size fits all but might be short with a fat blade and a low seat. My vote is a 226.5cm (calibrated with laser) and a smaller blade like the Tempest or Little dipper instead of a Camano or Scirocco.

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