Re: Paddle Length Questio

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jul 1, 2005

Hoo boy, talking paddle lengths is a sort of a religious topic. 'Round these parts, most folks seem to consider 230 a bare minimum, while I say 220 is yer max length no matter what!

While it's true that most Texas kayakers go for Tupperware SOT's, which sport 30" more or less beams, it is also true that I started yaking in a 30" wide Mill Creek 13 - and a 220 cm paddle. I'm 5-7" x 165#, btw.

I bought a 215 cm carbon Werner (for a song at a swap meet because no one else would touch such a shorty), and I loved it (still do)! And since I'm now paddling 21" wide sea yaks, I'm having my other carbon, an Onno 220, shortened to 210. (Note: I suggest never buying a hi-dollar paddle unless you have solid reasons for doing so, or unless you happen to be filthy rich; they're certainly nice, but they ain't necessary.)

So I suggest a 220 for you, for whatever my opinion is worth... but hey, you asked. It'll be a little lighter, promote better technique, and be easier to handle all the way around, on the water and ashore.

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: Paddle Length Question by Pierce Davidson on Jun 30, 2005



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