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Posted by Gober on Jun 30, 2005

I am building two Mc13 right now. I didnt go the kit route though. I havent used any foam rollers or foam brushes. I used maybe a box of 2 inch chip brushes from Harbor Freight (catch em on sale of 5 bucks). I used bondo like squegees (2 bucks at the auto store and reuseable). . If you go with a minicell seat a 2x4 half bun will make 3 seats. Get maybe 100 plastic cups for mixing. As for sand paper, I used a lot of 80 grit, some 120 and not much 320. Mayby start with 100 pack of 80, 50 pack of 120 and 25 pack of 320. You may need more 80 an 120. Building 4 boats you may find it cheaper to build from scratch than a kit. If you go the build it all yourself route you can cut all the panels at once by stacking. You can also glue them all at once. Its not too bad when you do it like Henry Ford did.

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