You can do it.

Posted by John Caldeira on Jun 30, 2005

Sue, I have carried swimmers on my back deck and you can win your challenge if the center of the weight is relatively low. A little practice will help.

Recommend you sit as far forward in your cockpit (even off the seat) as you can while still maintaining good knee and foot contact with the boat. This effectively centers the total load a little better without adding additional weight.

Move the 100 load as close to the cockpit as possible and keep the weight as low as possible.

If you must still add weight towards the bow for trim and stability, a few wine bladders or bags or bottles filled with water (or wine, for the celebration) can be placed inside the bow hatch. Caution against using sand, rocks or metal weights, as it may sink your boat.

With only a 100 pound back deck load, you may not need any bow weight.

High and low braces may be a useful skill.

Let us know how you do!


In Response to: 100 LBS by Susan on Jun 29, 2005



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