Posted by Steve Miller on Jun 29, 2005

You found it all right. Contact cement must be on both surfaces unless you are wet bonding a very porous product by spreading glue (high solids, hot solvent so it flashes fast) and then then immediately laying in your material while the glue is still wet but tacking fast. Works on boat carpet (think headliner in the cuddy on a Bayliner - awful work to do) but not so well on wood veneer. One coat on both surfaces was probably enough for what you are working on. In a past life I was the Industrial Rep for Dap (Weldwood) so spent a lot of time selling good old Weldwood Contact, Plastic Resin and Resorcinol.

In Response to: Re: VENEER & CONTACT CEME by Gober on Jun 29, 2005



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