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Posted by Howard on Jun 28, 2005

well...all i can say is for each of your questions...i have tried it both ways...

with respect to number 1....pre-sealing the wood with epoxy....the plusses as i see it are 1) it takes less epoxy to wet out the cloth..becuase the wood is already less chances of getting a dry spot and 2) less likely to get outgassing bubbles inbedded in your cloth becuase you have sealed the wood (you still need to manage the temperature to prevent outgasing...but if it is just in the epoxy can sand it out...once you get bubbles in the glass...they are there for good). the downside to it takes longer becuase you make two steps out of something that could be one step. if if i am doing large sections these days (like a hull bottom)...i am more likely to pre-seal the wood. when i do smaller sections (glassing a coaming)i do it in one step.

as for number 2, a primer coat. if you use the primer will sand almost all of it off and it will only be there to fill in the smallest pin-holes and imperfections....and in that case it will not really effect the paints adhesion or make it chip off easier. however, if you leave broad swaths of primer on...the paint will definitely be more fragile...and chip pretty easily. based on my experience, just be ready to spend the extra time sanding to get a great, smooth finish...and the primer basically is unnecessary.

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