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Posted by J.Schott on Jun 28, 2005

As long as you understand the limitations,c/f is an great material to use and work with. It's stronger than steel (used in the correct manner) and stiffer too. The draw back is that when it fails, it does so catastrophicly. The thing to remember is that when it fails most other products would have failed long before. There are several kayak companies that offer all carbon boats. They will tell you the same thing I did. They would not recomend them in "rough service" paddling. I'm going to attach a link to One Ocean's site. Vaclav has done a tremendous amount of testing carbon, s-glass, e-glass and kevlar. It is a great read if you are debating using carbon as Rich is. Vaclav uses carbon as reinforcement in his cockpits and for the coaming. My parents just purchased a new boat this year with all carbon spars. I was soooo disapointed to see every square inch of it painted white.-Joey

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