Posted by J.Schott on Jun 28, 2005

First question: Are you using raw or paperbacked veneer? If it is raw it probably soaked it up. I had to apply 2 coats to mine to have good adhesion. Second question: How long between glue application and adhesion to the boat? If you wait much longer than 15 min after it has dried tacky to the touch, it will not adhere properly I'll tell you how I appplied the onlay designs on my double and it may be the answer to your problem. I cut my compass rose out and taped the peices together to keep aligned. I only applied enough cement to the center to hold in place. After it had cured, I held the edges up and injected unthickened epoxy under it. Place a piece of plastic over the design and tape the whole thing down to hold it flush to the deck. I hope this helps-Joey

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