Re: 6oz satin sglass/5oz

Posted by Mike on Jun 28, 2005


On my current kayak, I will be using one layer of 5 oz satin e-glass on the inside, and two layers of 6 oz satin s-glass on the outside of the hull, and one layer of 6 oz satin s-glass on the outside of the deck. I will also be adding extra reinforcements in areas of high stress.

Ted Henry did some ding tests of several types of glass and found that the 6 oz satin s-glass survived dings much better than everything else. It is a bugger to wet out though.

This is for a Night Heron that I plan too be using in rough water, including surf and possibly rock gardens.

Mike in Tacoma

P.S. We paddled out to Blake Island together, when you were out here in Washington State a few years ago. Things have changed quite a bit, Tammy and I now have two little toddlers running around.

Ding Tests

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