sealer coat

Posted by RogerJ on Jun 28, 2005

Well I finally got the sealer coat on the foredeck. I used redwood because it was cheaper and more readily available than western red cedar in my area. Boy was it thirsty! I will probably end up adding another coat just to fill in the staple and brad dimples. Although I did wet them out to swell the wood the staple holes popped into prominace as soon as the epoxy went on. (The wood was allowed to dry before epoxy.) The wood absorbed so much the staple holes sucked epoxy into them and left little dimples. The larger ones that I had filled were not as prominent but still visible. I least the fly legs won't be as noticable among the staples!

I think the wood would have sucked the resin right out of the glass if I had applied it over bare wood.

I think it looks pretty good and I will try to get a picture up.



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