Pram ramblings & Qs

Posted by mullman on Jun 28, 2005

Thanks CLC - my sail kit arrived yesterday and I can get back to work. Things are progressing quite well, although I am yet to begin my days or weeks of sanding ;^)

I have made one error in that the front bulkhead under the forward seat is not quite in the correct place. Because of this, I cannot place the mast step up against the said bulkhead to help support the mast as it should. As a fix I am thinking of creating a new mast step that is roughly the same size as the factory step, albeit with the mast cutout in the middle versus on one side. Anyone see a problem with this? I am also thinking to install the same sized unit as a "mast partner" on TOP of the forward seat.

Otherwise the daggerboard seems to have alot of slop in it. I used a router with a flush trim bit to cutout the slot so it is the exact width of the trunk - is that right?

As always, any help, pointers or criticisms welcome

mullman's Pram in progresss



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