Posted by Gober on Jun 28, 2005

Ok here is the story. I put a nice onlay of a Texas flag on the back of my mc13 last week. I used walnut, cherry and birch veneers. All the joints were tight after it was all glued dowm with contact cement. This weekend I was looking at it and the joints were no longer tight between the red and white stripes. I noticed the white birch piece was not sticking very well. With a putty knife i was able to lift the veneer off the boat. Looking at the back of the veneer it looks like it never bonded to the birch, hardly any glue on it. I applied plenty of glue, it bonded great to the boat. Any ideas how to prevent this from happening again? I think maybe sanding the back side of the veneer with 80 grit might help. I also bought a veneer roller to apply more pressure. Soon I'll be glassing the deck.

Thanks, Gober



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