Matt, You're not alone!

Posted by J.Schott on Jun 27, 2005

Matt's not the only one having adhesion problems. Just finished sanding in prep for varnish, so I figured now would be a good time to cut my slots for webbing loops. I put tape down to mark my spots and was pulling it up to move it and to my horror the 3 fill coats came up with it! So now I'm back to sanding and recoating. This is my third boat and the only thing different is my location. I used slow hardener for wet out and med for fill coats. It seems to be a problem with the medium batch. It's plenty hard and sands well so it's fully cured, it just isn't sticking. I have only noticed amine blush when using med and have taken the appropriate measures to get rid of it. The pumps are calibrated, so I'm baffled. I have had nothing but trouble with the epoxy on this boat. I'm thinking "possesed" would be a good name for this boat!



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