Posted by J.Schott on Jun 27, 2005

Sorry, I did something while typing that made the words jump lines so I decided to stop and start again. Having said all of what I did in my previous post, I would like to give some advice on using c/f cloth. If you decide to use it, you have to remember that it is a visual component. If you make a mistake like, pulling a thread while wetting it out, it will show. To mimimize the impact of a mistake, precoat your panels with tinted epoxy. That way what may show through is the same color as the surrounding fabric. It will make the finished product look much better. The other reason for precoating the panels is that it is nearly impossible to tell if it is wetted out properly. Other than that you will find that it is an easy working cloth. I really like the way my cockpit turned out. If I were to do it agian, I probably would use carbon/kevlar cloth to get the impact resistance back. Now that is a whole different discussion! Nuff said for now, I'm going to shut my big trap and see what happens!-Joey

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