Re: Carbon Fibre in the U

Posted by CLC on Jun 27, 2005

>>>>>>>Carbon and plywood is kind of a bastard laminate from a practical standpoint.


It's true, unless you're building ailerons for a Pitts Special or something. Carbon is brittle and fussy to work with and is only helpful in applications where light weight and high-modulus are paramount. Like kayak paddles or sailboat masts.

Mixing graphite powder with the epoxy in the cockpit, or even just using flat black paint, will achieve the visual effect. Owning anything made out of carbon fiber continues to carry a certain cache.

Ten years ago I built a hollow spar for my racing sailboat out of epoxied 3mm okoume plywood. To irritate one especially officious class measurer I spray-painted the boom flat black so it looked like it was carbon, banned in that particular racing class.

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