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Posted by LeeG on Jun 27, 2005

And that's why the thigh brace wedges CLC sells are so big. With such a deep cockpit you have to put in 3" thick wedges to bring the correct angle to the thigh braces or else your knees will slide right out. Re. back band attachments. 1/2"x#8 wood screw into soft cypress really doesn't cut it. Neither do the trapezoidal hip braces. If you are using the existing hip braces glass a piece of 3" 9oz tape from top to bottom connecting to the underside of the deck to the bottom panel. Assuming that the top inside edge of the hip braces is recessed under the coaming with a solid fillet you can connect the back band directly to the hip braces,,which is where every production kayak attaches the back band. If your hip braces aren't attached or you're considering a better set-up this is what I've found what works well. I used to bold the back band to the hip braces but this is more elegant. Make a rectangular hip brace that is 5" wide and cut three 1" slots about an inch down from the top. Glass the back of the hip brace,,or if it's 4mm glass both sides especially over the slots. Those slots will hold the back band webbing and will be wide enough for an after market adjustable hip brace. The problem with using minicell is that it will tear apart fairly quickly. Check out Salamander hip pads.

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