cockpit mods

Posted by Ray on Jun 26, 2005

The chesapeake 17 has had its second outing today. About a 10 mile sea trip. Lovely sea state with nice big rolling lumpy bits. We left at 7am. Paddling through shouls of feeding fish was fun. Man, I must get some fishing tackle - i could of fed the family for a week.

The pic below should (if its worked) show the boat being rolled. Its not as easy as it should be. I still feel a like an egg rolling on the backseat of a car. That cockpit is massive. You would need a mighty backside to fill it. I'm unsure what to do about thigh braces - any ideas. I would like some thing that is really strong and provides a lot of grip?

Also I would like to improve the back rest attachments. I managed to rip the present ones from the sheer while surfing on a small wave. Any ideas? These boats fly on waves - great fun, but i need some practice. I managed to finish todays trip with a swim. Surfing in on an smallish wave, I managed to broach the boat and bounce up the beach on my head. Didn't bother rolling and went for a swim, to the delight and applause of my paddling friends.

Today's paddle has made me realise that i must sort the cockpit out - essential for paddling in bigger seas - any ideas welcome

all the best




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