Re: Just like Kurt!!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 25, 2005

Boy haddy, I can't think of a thing to add to what Doug said!!

Hey man, I think that third paragraph is a real keeper -- stick to yer story, boy! In it, you beat me by goin' so fast you hit a time warp while I'm sittin' on my little stool puffin' an' pantin' from just READING it!!

I'm glad you didn't tell me you hit yer han' with your saw 'til now. Why, I'd-a had to saddle up, ride into ol' San Antone, and slap yer bandages a few times to make sure you got learned up good. Phew!! Glad to hear you're so lousy with the machine that y' missed most the 'good stuff'!!!

Great write-up too, man! Keep 'em grinnin', that's what I allus says. Y' done good!

Three Cheers! Kurt

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