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Posted by Steve Miller on Jun 24, 2005

This is a good discussion to have before you buy the paint. It will do everything they say it will. It is hard and abrasion resistant and is as glossy as paint can be. That the good stuff. It is not hard to mix as long as you measure well. It is tricky to mix little batches however. Some say it goes on easier than one part. But since you are asking you probably have not painted boats before so here's the bad stuff you need to know.

First, from the Interlux website: Contains isocyanates which may be harmful to the respiratory tract. The older linear polyurethanes can kill you. That's right - dead - if you do not have the right fresh air supply respirator (similar to scuba gear). Interlux says that Perfection has been reformulated to be more amateur friendly but I would still have professional grade safety gear - not just a mask. You could always have a pro spray your boat. You really need to consider this stuff a professional product. It's not so dangerous if you apply with brush or roller but if you spend so much money on paint you better be spraying to get the gel coat like finish its capable of or you might as well save your $$.

Also, when its that glossy it is impossible to touch up and have it look good. The one parts are not quite as glossy and will touch up better.

With 2 part gloss you hull fairing needs to be perfect or every little bump and dip will show.

Realize that your yak will be dinged and dented with paddles and worn on the bottom from beaching and loading on the car etc. You want to be able to use the boat without kid gloves.

Interlux Brightsides one part is plenty glossy, hard and will last a long time. A well used yak or any boat will get refinished every few years anyway so I do not think the 2 part is worth $60 per quart. (Thats $240 per gallon!)

If you just gotta have 2 part then System 3 (the epoxy guys) have a 2 part water base linear polyurethane that looks good on a boat but does not brush/roll all that well. Sprays wonderfully.

I painted my last boat (a MC13) with Porch Paint. Very tough, enough gloss and has held up well. Used the oil based Glidden from Home Depot. The sailboat I built is painted with Brightsides but it lives on a trailer and is not dragged over a beach - ever!

My current project will be painted with Benjamin Moore M22 one part Urethane Alkyd industrial enamel. A bit more $$ than the porch paint but it has more urethane and a better gloss.

Time to start building!

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