Re: Boat sizing ?

Posted by FrankP on Jun 24, 2005

Haysus, thems some big feet. I am 6'1" 170 and wear 13s and fit reasonably comfortably in almost all of the CLC line, though with more weight I wouldn't go with anything smaller than the 17LT. I personally chose the NorthBay because I wanted the lower volume and the handling that it provided versus the "comfort" of the Chesapeakes. They felt very "tub-like" to me after testing the Arctic Hawk and the NorthBay. My only problem fitting any of the kayaks (other than the 14 which I sat in for the sake of comparing for my daughter) was that they weren't snug enough except the AH and the NB. Foot room was never an issue for me, but I tend to rock my feet outward, toward the hull when I'm sitting in a kayak anyway so that gives me a bit more clearance I think.


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