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Posted by Robert N Pruden on Jun 23, 2005

I weight 200 lbs last time I checked, John. The Solace 16 can easily out run a moose. It's a plenty fast kayak. I hope to have the Solace 17 kit in my garage within a couple of weeks, that and plans for the Pax 20.

I do not get to see loons often because I am usually on the river. Sadly, the river here is flooding and the water is way too fast for me to do any upstream paddling so I have to head over to Islet Lake. I'll tell you though, paddling Islet Lake in June is a thrilling experience because of the sheer numbers of birds, ducks, and other wildlife characters. The moose thing was plain luck. I opted to stay on the lake during a nasty storm when the other two paddlers there decided to get off the water. I figured that the only reason the moose entered the water was because it didn't expect anyone to be out there. Islet Lake is a popular paddling lake because no powered boats are allowed on it.

I'll be back to Islet Lake this weekend to enjoy more paddling and photograpy. I didn't get half the images I wanted because the batteries for my digital camera went dead half way through the trip.

Robert N Pruden

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