Re: Racing Moose: Trip Re

Posted by John Foster on Jun 23, 2005

I marvel at those Loons as they dive and come up 10 minutes or more about half a mile away. Fascinating creatures. Don`t have any here in Pa USA. I did pass over our bridge spanning our large creeks. About 10/12 ducks had there heads submerged in the running water, not tails up, just their heads under. Like an early morning coffee klatch at the local coffee shop. Nature is so cool. Still building my Solace 16 XL, I`m 190 lbs, how much do you weigh Robert? This Moose racing sounds like fun!! I want to keep up with the Bullwinkles!! She`s all wired up, start epoxy strips next. Wish me luck. I got panels 3b crossed up somehow. Amazing how everything just comes together. Jealous of your Canadien wild.

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