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Posted by Mac on Jun 23, 2005


I was blessed this year in discovering a loon "nest" quite by accident at our lake here in the Laurentians. I was avoiding where I thought she was and darn near ran into her (she lept across the bow of my kayak). As I appologised to her and calmly backed away, I got a good look at the two beige speckled eggs (about half again as large as a chicken's egg) simply resting on mud about 2 inches above later level on a little lsland - no twigs - no downy feathers - just mud.

The next day I approached from about 20 yds away with binoculars and saw how she lies over the nest with wings partially spread and head half in the water. I guess this accomplishes several things - warms the eggs, does not present a recognizable loon profile - allows her to observe approaches above and below the water.

Last week, it rained heavily all week, and the water level rose at leat 6 inches. I worried that the eggs were now submerged, but now her nesting idea is explained. She simply pushed them higher up so that they are at the requisit height and assumed her position.

I watched her for a good 15 minutes with binoculars from about 30 yards away to see if she would move - not a feather.

I can't wait to go back up tonight to see if we are blessed with youngsters. (We lost the twins to red tailed hawks last year).

The parents are VERY quiet now - I assume that if he calls and she responds, she'll give away her location.

Like you, loons are a huge part of my past and stir powerful feelings when I see or hear them.

All the best....


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