Re: Filling the bucket

Posted by J.Schott on Jun 22, 2005

Thanks for the comments guys. Matt, it is carbon cloth in the cockpit, 5.7 oz twill weave to be exact. It is really easy to work with also. The veneer was pretty wavy to begin with. Since it was impossible to vacuum bag it, I did use contact cement. To get the lumps out I used a laminate roller that is available at any big box home store. I haven't seen many large sheet veneers, but if it has any type of figure, it's going to be wavy and hard to work with. Veneer softener helped, but it was a nervous learning experience. p.s-it weighed 28lbs this morning with a bunch of crap in the cockpit.It's going to be close to my 32lb goal, only time will tell.-Joey

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