MKII rudder question

Posted by Petewp on Jun 22, 2005

OK... I'm building the MKII rudder from the plans. Pieces are cut out, I'm sanding and planing the foil into shape. But I have a couple of questions...

1.I want a kick up rudder, but what do I use to help it stay down, or even go back down after its kicked up. Even going fast in a sailboat can cause the rudder to rise out of the water if its not held in place someway...

2. That pivot thing with the handle-nut you can tighten by hand, is this what you tighten to keep the rudder down...again, if so and a shallow kicks it up, how do i get it back down from the cockpit?

Any advice on kick-up rudders that return to vertical via bungees or whatever is welcomed.




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