Seats for CH16

Posted by Matt Croce on Jun 22, 2005

I'm soliciting opinions on choices for seats in a CH16. I didn't like the stock "tractor seat" much, so I bought a Happy Bottom pad, because I liked the hip braces that come with it, but I'm a bit disappointed with it, as it is just bare foam.

I have a couple of plastic Dagger Blackwaters that I've outfitted with after market hip braces from Voyageur, and they are very nice; waterproof fabric over foam, they velcro into place, they're adjustable, etc.

I was hoping that there is a similar seat bottom, and they have one listed on their site, but I haven't seen it.

I also found a link to Redfish Kayak Seats (link below); they look nice, but are pricey. Not a big deal if they are as good as they say, but I think they are just sculpted minicell foam.

Anyway, any input is apprciated...

Thanks Matt



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