303 protectant

Posted by Karl on Jun 17, 2005

Mac, you're thinking of 303 protectant. Theoretically it is supposed to work on fiberglass, although they don't specify if they're talking about epoxy based or polyester/vinyl ester based resin systems. Since it is pretty heavily advertised towards the boating and RV industries, I'd guess polyester. Supposedly Kokatat also recommends it for latex seals on dry suits.

If anyone has tried the stuff on a wood/glass 'yak, feel free to chime in. I do know it is supposed to filter out a lot of UV, and contains no silicone ( a good thing!). The ingredient list is "proprietary", but the MSDS shows the stuff to be pretty inert when it comes to hazards, so it is probably safe to use on epoxy.

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