Re: Switch epoxy brands?

Posted by Veto on Jun 12, 2005

As I understand things it is the hardener that goes bad after about (2) yrs. The resin is indef-inite. However, my question is can you mix one brand of hardener with another brand of resin or vise versa? I am attempting to get my Triple in the water but adversity abounds, I ordered new of both and chose fast hardener as it has been very cool. The last week, hot and humid. The epoxy coat is certainly less than I hoped for but I'm getting to the point of letting some of my quality issues go as I would like the water time. I wanted to be ready to go to Washburn but am not going to make it. No one has even heard of MAS here (WI)and epoxy is a dark science to most boat places that have it (WEST/SYTEM3)set-ting on the shelf. I believe I read on another site that it is possible to mix these things. I am not sure if any of the 3 different brands I've heard of are actual chemical companies. That leaves someone like E.I. Du Pont or Monsanto or ? that these others purchase it from, label and market it and if that is the case perhaps the chemical composition is com-patible. Thanks in advance, Veto.

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